Please first read carefully how earning system works:

How to earn on

Earn 0.20$ for 1000 unique reviews to your images and ask for withdraw to your Paypal account when you reach 5$!

Welcome to the earnings system gives you the opportunity to make money online easily and easily by sharing your pictures. Our system counts reviews for each unique IP address in 24 hours. In that case, each (with a unique IP address) preview for example 1 image in 24 hours is counted as one overview. The earnings are counted from the review of people who scan one image (for example / image / html number), which means people who clicked on the image and looked at it, it counts as a review. You must be a registered user who activated the salary panel located in your bank. The minimum payment is 5$ that you can ask when you fill the limit, which you can see in your bank's earnings panel. When you request a payment from your panel, Moderators of the site will receive your request and it will be reviewed and checked for your images. Moderators can not pay you if they find irregularities related to uploading images that are subject to the Terms of Use of the site. Moderators of the site may ask you to provide them with sources where all of your images were placed in order to verify identical reviews that are in the database.

We want you a successful income. Your
Rules: Please read this section very well in order to know what you need to do to get paid

You need to be registered with your email address in panel on your profile, so that the system registers all the reviews of your added images in real time
Do not use automatic programs that make expert checks, because our system will easily recognize such reviews, and you will not be paid.
Do not insert images that are crushed with against Terms of use

Terms of use will not send you a payment before all your images will be strictly checked

0.20$ for 1000 unique views

Payment method is made exclusively via Paypal:

Earn money sharing images up to 0.20$/1000 views

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We pay up to $0.0 for each 1000 Image views.

Minimum payout $5.00

Adult Content not allowed gambling,casino,and any other illegal content

Payments via Paypal

Payouts are every Day. (waiting time is 1-7 days)

Paypal usually 12 hours. (and minimum payout 5$)

We do not allow traffic from Facebook.

Unique IP is counted once per 24 hours.

You may only have one account per user

Hotlinking isn't allowed

Shortened links isn't allowed

Don't use bots, autosurfers or fake ip adresses

Your uploads must honor our Terms of Service & Respect Copyrights.

Visit and start earning money. Cheers.